Sum of Amanda's Parts:

| 20% Engineer • 19% Futurologist • 17% Philosopher • 15% Mineralogist • 13% Astronomer • 11% Child • 4% Insomniac • 1% Comedian |
| 100% Artist |

Artist Amanda Parker

Art A' La Carte Gallery | Occoquan, VA | 2017
Art at the Mill | Clarke County Historical Association | 2016 & 2017
• 3D Poetic space displayed in Exit Reality at Web 3D Consortium 2010 & Boston Summit 2011

Amanda Parker is known for producing an ever evolving body of abstract work in a variety of mediums. These include, but are not limited to oil, acrylic, ink and mixed media.

Originally, she attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for game art and design, but came out with a deep interest in developing traditional works of art. Her greatest influences include Shel Silverstein, Tim Burton, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dr. Seuss, James Rosenquist, Feng Zhu, Andrew Wyeth and Peter Deligdisch.

To stay motivated Amanda enjoys practicing comedy, engaging in philosophical discussions, collecting minerals, traveling, hiking, yoga, mountain biking and cooking.

She's also a sci-fi fan plucked directly from the future. Contact her with questions, comments or quality humor.