For reasons unbeknownst to myself I decided to do a 30 day art challenge where I draw every day for the month of August. Some of these challenges have been going around with a list of different things to do on 30 different days. But I figure.. hey. I’m an artist, I can do what I want. I don’t like planning when I create anymore. There is a space I go to, a realm where I kind of zone out and let the Universe guide me into destruction or creation. Hopefully the latter. Some of the best designs in history were created through excellent planning, but we’re not building bridges here, are we?

I read a book called the Artist’s Way and really connected to the three page writing concept presented to connect us to another realm. If you’re an artist wondering where to start or what to do, pick up this book by Julia Cameron and do every activity inside (fine, you can skip a few, I did and I feel ok about it). Her main idea is to write three pages a day of raw thought. It made me realize I do have a lot of ideas and weird thoughts, but that’s ok. With the help of the morning pages I realized I was obsessed with one thing; making YouTube videos. I don’t care if they suck, but like in four years I think I could get better if I apply myself.

So, here is Day 1 of the challenge. And below I’ve included my own list of 30 ideas to draw for 30 consecutive days (unless going on vacation, then it’s like 30 days, with a week or two off in between then 5 more days).

Thoughtful Meme Day 1:

The word Abstract 30 times.

30 Day Art Challenge Ideas

Thoughtful Video Day 1: