Step 1 to Being an Artist: Lie Like an Artist

Art isn't real.

Art is an illusion on a flat surface or in a 3D(+) space that artists create.

So what is the first step to being an artist? You might think it's simply drawing a dot or a lot. I might concur on a Tuesday, but since it's Wednesday I'm going to be honest with you. The first step to being an artist is learning to lie.

Creation begins where reality ends. Anything new can be defined as a "creation" or "invention" since it has never existed before. Therefore, we create at the edge of reality where all the finest lies are built.

I often tell my students "don't think, just do" - after all, that's what Raphael did, and most successful artists in time. It's not comfortable at first. It truly takes work to think of nothing and trust your soul.

One day it just arrives to the hard working artist and the world seems to fade away during creation. This realm is called samadhi, a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. It can be a natural state induced by hard work! Just draw a long time or paint a long time and it comes, like magic.

Even after years of practicing art I will only be blessed with the calming feeling of samadhi when I draw or paint for long periods of time with complete focus on nothing but moving the instrument I'm creating with.

TLDR; Canvas offers the best place to carry out lies in a healthy environment.

Why Black?

Deceptive in it's approach, black has unique properties no other color offers. Uniqueness is my favorite.

If we place a black line in a work of art it won't always be obvious because sometimes our eyes ignore it completely!

When juxtaposed with white it vibrates and makes our eyes do strange things.

Here is an example of that (yes, I know this works with any color but oooh, oooh, just look at that black):

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